Under Water

Meet Dr. Bev

Ph.D, NC & Author

Hi, I'm Dr. Bev

and I help people suffering

from Histamine Intolerance, 

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS).

and Migraines

to React less & Live more!

Maybe you're struggling to get a diagnosis

Maybe you've just been diagnosed and feeling a little overwhelmed

Maybe you're completely confused

I get your struggle

I've been there myself

I can help!


Food should taste good

but it should also nurture your body

Green Goodness

Important Update: I'm not taking new clients at this time. However, to help more people, I am offering a 


Next Histamine Bootcamp 13 June!


This live 4-week program via Zoom launches you on your Histamine healing journey to React Less, Eat More & Live Free.

Earlybird Pricing for June Session (Starts 13 June): $395 until 6 June

May Session $595 Paid-in-full or 4 Payment Option also Available

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