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We are entering a new era of personalized medicine based on your genetics.

When you understand your genes, you can make better decisions, and live a healthier, happier life!

I take the raw data from your genetic test (typically 23andme) and translate it using powerful screening tools in order to optimize your health, reduce your risks and avoid predisposed illnesses.

Your DNA blueprint combined with my 20+ years of studying genes, immunology and nutrition uncovers:

your disease risks and how to beat the odds

health challenges that you haven't been able to solve

nutrient deficiencies

genetic traits your children could inherit

diet and exercise plan based on your genetic type

Each client is individually evaluated and provided with a

well-researched and customized plan based on your genetic blueprint.



1. Email your raw data file  (or login info)

2. I translate your DNA

3. We discuss your results and customized plan

4. Feel happier and healthier

You have the power to maximize your good genes and minimize your bad ones.

Knowing this helps you make informed decisions.

Just being here, you are on the leading edge of a new standard of predictive, preventative and personalized health. Harness the power of your DNA and get to the root of you

Whether you’re seeking answers about your

genetic risks or whether you really need to finish your broccoli

knowing your genes can help:

optimize your diet

overcome weight loss resistance

quench inflammation


strengthen your bones

perform at your peak

prevent diseases

and more

Looking forward to getting to know you and your DNA soon!

Beverley Rider, PhD, NC

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