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Under Water

Meet Dr. Bev
PhD, NC & Author

I help people suffering

from Histamine Intolerance, 

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS).

and Migraines

to React less & Live more!

Maybe you're struggling to get a diagnosis

Maybe you've just been diagnosed and feeling a little overwhelmed

Maybe you're completely confused

I get your struggle

I've been there myself

I can help!

Food should taste good

but it should also nurture your body

Green Goodness

Important Update: I'm not taking new clients at this time. 
However, to help more people for a fraction of the cost,
I'm currently offering a...
4 week live Histamine Bootcamp --
Next session starts June 27th, 11 am PST
class 1 - June 27th
class 2 - July 11th
class 3 - July 18th
class 4 - July 25th
This Live 4-week program via Zoom helps you heal your Histamine reactions to React Less, Eat More & Live Free.

Registration has begun for the August 2021 Bootcamp
Sign up Today!
4 payment plan - option also available

Registration & Payment Form


Pay here to secure your seat

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Kind Words

Holding Hands


I am very grateful to have found a community that relates to the things I have been going through. 


I am so happy that I am seeing improvement in my symptoms & am excited to implement more changes into my daily routine that will further my path to better health. 


Thank you so much for what you are doing to help others


❤ -5/24/2021

Holding Hands

Lynn Julian-Bootcamper

Dr. Bev’s Histamine Bootcamp is a MUST DO for anyone struggling with histamines and/or mast cell mayhem. She is an expert in this field, providing priceless information and patiently staying after each session to answer all questions.


Not only will you learn what is safer to eat, for those with histamine sensitivity, you will also learn what NOT to eat, which is equally important. Dr. Bev touches on many Histamine trigger topics: food; supplements;  environmental; toiletries; stress and more. As a patient, and patient advocate, who struggles with mast cell disease due to mast cell activation syndrome, I highly recommend the Histamine Bootcamp! - 5/23/2021

Holding Hands

Jean Naughton 

Beverley is a wonderful public speaker and communicator. she is able to present complex information in a way that is easy to understand while at the same time allows her audience to interact and ask questions.


I have had the pleasure of watching her present and everyone went away feeling like they had gained a lot of information and many tools to enable them to be more successful from a nutritional perspective. She is also very personable and engaging, and I look forward to learning more from her. 

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