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Session 1

Really focuses on laying the framework for better understanding histamine intolerance, and introduces the wildly exciting...Food Log


Session 2

Digs deeper into histamine intolerance and gut health, testing, and food lists. 


Session 3

Dive into more causes and solutions and talk about supplements.


Session 4

Wrap it up: Revisit the healing cycle, talk about lifestyle & environment, and next steps.

Histamine Bootcamp

  • What's Included

    ➢ 4 weekly, live Zoom sessions

    ➢ Tools to understand and reduce reactions

    ➢ Dedicated Q&A time

    ➢ Access to weekly recordings & slides

    ➢ Dr Bev's eBook, Hives, Headaches and Heartburn: Heal Your Histamine Hangover

    ➢ A low histamine meal

    ➢ Supplement info

    ➢ An incredible histamine support community

  • This program is for...

    Want answers to confusing symptoms

    Have been told that it’s all in your head

    Want a path that works to reduce histamine and find balance

    Are tired of conflicting advice

    Want to move past restrictive low histamine diets and not be afraid to eat

    Have so many questions and yet can’t seem to find answers

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