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FAQ: What is histamine intolerance?

➔ Histamine intolerance is not sensitivity to histamine, but an indication that you have accumulated too much of it. This can be due to various causes from genetics to gut health.

Histamine itself is a chemical messenger responsible for the following major functions:

  • communicates messages to your brain

  • triggers release of stomach acid to aid digestion

  • released after injury or allergic reaction as part of your immune response

When histamine levels get too high or when it can’t be broken down properly, it can build up and wreck havoc throughout your body.

FAQ: What are the common symptoms of Histamine Intolerance?

➔ Histamine is associated with common allergy symptoms and many are similar to those due to histamine intolerance. While they may vary, some common reactions associated with histamine intolerance include:

FAQ:  Will taking a DAO Supplement help me?

➔ If low DAO is actually the cause, then most likely.

DAO enzyme in supplement form only acts on the histamine within your digestive tract and does not enter your body. Also, it only acts for a short time, does not address the underlying cause of high histamine, and does not increase your own body's production of DAO enzyme. That said, it does help some people who suffer primarily due to histamine in their diet. DAO supplements are similar to lactase which breaks down lactose in milk. Lactase is taken together with milk by people with lactose intolerance taken to break down lactose and prevent the adverse effects of excess lactose in the gut.

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